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Yahoo Site Builder

Simple Tools - No Experience Necessary

Build a Professional Website

Yahoo Site Builder allows anyone to create a professional website with simple tools. And best of all, its free to use. The Yahoo Website Builder offers numerous features and is a great option for those who aren't savvy with HTML.

With Yahoo Web Builder, you can use a word processor with drag-and-drop editing to construct web pages, so no programming is necessary. You also have the option to custom templates, clip art and royalty free graphics to aid you in your design. With over 380 templates to choose from, you will have plenty of option to get you started. And of course you can customize your design to completely get the website you want. Yahoo Site Builder offers many flexible features.

You can alter the code yourself or create your site using HTML or the web authoring tools as well as work offline. The drag and drop feature really makes building your design rather simplistic. Yahoo SiteBuilder also lets you move text anywhere on your page and format it as you prefer. Different text formats can be altered such as colors, fonts, font families and sizes. Building your web site has never been so easy.

With Yahoo Website Builder, you can easily add links to your site. Link images or text internally or to other websites. Even link to emails. Managing how you link and your linking plan is completely up to you. Yahoo SiteBuilder also allow you to add images to your pages, as well as change their size on the fly. Another great feature of Yahoo SiteBuilder is that it automatically optimizes your image for the Web, saving it at the smallest possible file size so your page loads faster.

Yahoo Web Hosting Pricing and Features...
Disk Space 100GB - Unlimited
Data Transfer 1000GB - Unlimited
Email Storage Unlimited
Mailboxes 250 - 1000
Free Domain Name Included
Free SetUp Included
24 Hour Customer Support Included
Sub-Domains 500
Control Panel User-Friendly
Contract 1mo / 1 yr / 3yrs / 5 yrs
Yahoo Site Builder / Site Solutions Included
Price $1.75 - $2.50
(Up to 50% OFF)
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If you want to use tables to display information, then this is a viable option as well. Positioning and formatting are also customizable. Yahoo Website Builder also features an easy-to-use Navigation Bar Builder to construct your navigation for your website. This allows you to create button with ease and link them to different pages. There is a great deal of flexibility with this tool too.

But how do I publish my site to the internet after I build it? A common question indeed. To put your site on the Internet, you'll need a yahoo web hosting plan that will serve your site to the world through the internet.

You can even add audio and video to your website or another form of multimedia to keep visitor engaged with your content. Yahoo Website Builder has been built in conjunction with Yahoo Merchant Solutions. So integrating a Yahoo Store allows you to sell online and is easy to setup.

Adding diverse functionality to your website can be accomplished with easy by selecting from a variety of add-ons such as Yahoo Maps, Site Search, Stats Counter, Time and Day Stamp and Yahoo Directions. These are just a few of the long list of add-ons you get by utilizing Yahoo Website Builder. No need to write any code - just select from the add-on menu from SiteBuilder.

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