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Why Choose Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting Solutions?

Yahoo Small Business succeeds with ecommerce tools that provide powerful support and resources. Clients get domain name control, business emails, yahoo web hosting and 24/7 customer support. Customers are ensured of a secure network that prevents fraud and protects data. Yahoo small business solutions helps 1 in 8 businesses get safe, reliable solutions to launch their businesses into the stratosphere.

Selling Success with Yahoo Small Business

Design a small business integrated website easily with the ability to use third party design. Yahoo Small Business also gives a detailed report that shows all sales revenue and page views for easy marketing tracking. With one stop search marketing, shopping, domain registration and hosting, Yahoo Small Business solutions makes having an online presence simple. There is also a control panel and clients can manage inventory with a built in store manager, online transactions and a secure shopping cart.

Yahoo Web Hosting

Yahoo Small Business Resource Support

If you experience any problems using Yahoo Small Business, there is a 24 hour a day 7 day a week customer support system available to all clients. Yahoo also includes a Yahoo Merchant Solutions Expert for the first 30 days of service for free to all businesses. Learn how to build an online ecommerce store with tools and a control panel that is very user friendly. Get free templates, a yahoo web builder and solutions designed to build a professional online presence with someone available to help you every step of the way.

Security, Reliability and Scalability

Whatever type of business is being run, Yahoo can help make it secure, reliable and scalable with their Yahoo Small Business solutions. Make updates whenever they are needed with this dynamic ecommerce business tool. Yahoo Small Business has been one of the top ecommerce providers for many years and their customer service is unsurpassed. The Yahoo server is one of the most reliable in the industry. This helps to insure that customers can access their business ecommerce websites whenever they need to.

Yahoo Small Business Solution Pricing

Yahoo Small Business offers flexible pricing to provide complete solutions for the ecommerce market. There are no up-front charges for individual items in stores and there is a facility that can support selling up to 50,000 items in a store. There are several different pricing packages to help insure that any small business can find the right option that fits their needs. The Yahoo Small Business solution helps small businesses grow whatever business model or product line they promote. From a few products to thousands of products, Yahoo Small Business solutions can help.

Get everything needed to set up and run an ecommerce store with Yahoo Small Business. With Yahoo comes a secure shopping cart, online credit processing, shopping cart, checkout services and inventory management. With sales reporting and business tracking reports, find out what is working and what is not. Yahoo Shopping and Yahoo Search Marketing are easily included in the Yahoo small business toolset. In addition, Yahoo offers marketing, domain name services, web hosting and business email in one complete package. With flexible pricing, this program can help any business find online success in a hurry.

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