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Yahoo Web Hosting Makes it Easy to Build a Great Web Site

When you’re doing business online you need to have a great Yahoo Web Site. Your website is your calling card and your face on the internet. And Yahoo Web Hosting can really help you launch your business or website forward. Your site tells your customers about your business, sells your products, and acts as a virtual storefront or office where customers can go for help when they need it. Your website needs to be multi-functional, but it also needs to be well designed, easy to navigate, and full of interesting and original content. Sounds like a tall order doesn’t it? It can be, and a professional web design company can charge thousands of dollars for an ultra modern website design. But when you choose a web hosting company like Yahoo Web Hosting, you can get reliable web hosting and great site design.

Yahoo Small Business Web HostingOne of the free perks that Yahoo Web hosting offers to customers is the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of design templates to create your site or give your existing site an overhaul. Yahoo web site templates have been designed by professional web designers and they are optimized for the web and give your great flexibility. They offer unique and well put together colors, designs and layout that you can mix and match in order to give your business the unique custom look that you want with the functionality that your customers expect. There is a huge selection of designs that you can choose from to fit almost any industry and you can also use free design tools to create your own site. Yahoo Web hosting design templates are also set up to work with the most popular web-authoring programs like Dreamweaver and Frontpage.

Good design is only one element of creating a highly functional site. One of the ways that your website can help your business is by giving customers easy to find relevant information about your business, your products and your services. Yahoo Web Hosting tools are available free when you sign up for hosting services including point and click FAQ builders and other customizable information sections that are designed to be professional looking and easy to read. Your customers will be more likely to stay and buy when they can get the answers and information they need easily and without having to call customer service. Adding informational sections will make your site look more put together and current instead of making your site look like something that was just thrown together.

Your Yahoo web site serves so many functions for you business. Isn’t it worth paying for a service that will give you great web hosting and all the tools that you need to upgrade your website or create a multi-functional site that will impress your customers? With the eCommerce tools, design tools, marketing tools and business management tools that Yahoo Web Hosting offers you can build a website that will make it easy to run your business and draw customers. If you have been considering paying for a website design company to design your website or give your existing site a facelift, try switching to Yahoo Web Hosting instead. You’ll get great web hosting and the tools you need to create a polished, professional website for a fraction of the cost that a design company would charge.

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