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Yahoo Web Hosting and Online Marketing

Among the many benefits of using Yahoo Web Hosting is that it helps out in the marketing and promotional efforts of a user's website. Marketing a website especially just after its creation is crucial to its success. What Yahoo Hosting does is promote a site using as leverage its clout as a well-known search engine. As such, even if a user has no online marketing experience, making his/her website known to the right people isn't a problem.

First, Yahoo Web Hosting automatically submits a site to the major search engines, namely Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask. Submission can of course be done manually but it's time-consuming. The faster a site gets submitted and crawled by the search engines, the faster the traffic to it builds up. It pays to mention that organic traffic is considered the best type of traffic out there.

Yahoo Web Hosting

Second, a website gets a $100 Yahoo Search Marketing Credit. What does this mean? It means a webmaster receives $100 worth of ads on the Yahoo Sponsored Search platform. The money can be used to purchase ads promoting a website on the search engine results pages of Yahoo. It's a very good way of directing quality visitors to a website.

Third, a site is entitled to a $50 Google AdWords credit. This is in most ways similar to a Yahoo Search Marketing Credit. A webmaster may use the credit to buy ads on Google and promote his website on Google's result pages as well as on external websites that are displaying Google ads. The quality of visitors brought by these ads is high because of the relevance of the contents of the result page or website to the ad itself.

Fourth, Yahoo Web Hosting provides the webmaster a grand-opening email to announce his website. If this is used well and sent to the right people at the right time, traffic and hype to a website can be initially established.

Fifth, a Yahoo site builder is provided with detailed guides to online advertising, converting visitors into customers and search engine optimization. These are resources necessary to the achievement of a site's goals whether it be driving traffic or winning more potential clients. Search engine optimization can be confusing but when learned and applied it can cause substantial improvement to a site's performance.

Sixth, Yahoo Web Hosting gives support on tracking and reporting a site's traffic statistics. There is also a built-in tracker to track a site's rankings on Yahoo!, Google and Bing. Reports on a web site's referrers and the keywords being searched upon are provided as well. This helps in determining which SEO and traffic-building strategies are working and which aren't so that those aren't working can be scrapped and replaced.

Last but not the least, Yahoo Web Hosting enables a webmaster to reach more targeted customers by having his site listed on the Yahoo Local Listings. As more and more businesses are realizing the advantages of an online presence, the more venues a website is listed, the more potential customers it can accumulate.

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