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The Leading Features of Yahoo Web Hosting

Of the hundreds of web hosting providers on the internet, Yahoo Web Hosting is among the leaders of the pack when it comes to the number of features they offer within their hosting services. These features allow an individual to maximize the return on the amount of money and resources one invested in building his website.

With regard to the site design itself, Yahoo Web Hosting provides online design tools and free customizable designs to choose from. Page layouts are flexible. A site creation checklist is available to ensure a smooth and organized site building process. Entering and formatting text and photos within a site is simple and easy. The site tool supports JPG, GIF and PNG format images.

The multimedia and interactive features are as numerous. These features are a must if a website is specifically set up for business especially if it involves selling products or services. Forms for customer feedback and surveys can be fully customized to suit the needs of a website. A photo gallery that comes with a slide show tool can be activated to display images of the products being sold online. A photo comparison page is on hand in case a showcase of before and after photos is needed. Yahoo Web Hosting has the necessary tools to create a functional and professional website.

Adding sounds to a website is extremely easy because Yahoo Web Hosting provides a built-in audio player that comes with a tool for downloading MP3 sounds. This feature makes it a lot easier for independent musicians and podcast makers to market and sell their creations online.

There's a section for videos called the video showcase and gallery. This is a very useful feature no matter what venture a person or business is involved in. A video showing how a product is used or how something is done can be very meaningful for that product with great exposure to a lot of people online.

Yahoo Web Hosting

Configuring Paypal buttons on a website is simple and easy. This is good news for online entrepreneurs since Paypal makes online transactions fast and hassle-free. A webmaster doesn't have to worry about collecting payments if he conducts business on his website. Yahoo Hosting makes this a rather simple process with a simple cut and paste method.

Third-party design tools are supported so using Dreamweaver or Publisher is allowed. This enables a site builder to be more creative and add other things one wants to see in his website. A blogging function can be added to a site using Wordpress.

When it comes to domain name registration, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and .us are available for use as domain extensions. Domain renewal is automatic and you are entitled to up to 500 subdomains. Passwords are well-protected and there is an option to allow account access for colleagues and friends.

Site search is integrated. This allows customers and users of the site to search for terms within the contents of the website.

Other notable features of Yahoo Web Hosting include unlimited email storage, web and mobile mail access, SpamGuard Plus, Norton Antivirus, site traffic statistics, 24-hour customer support, a search engine ranking tracker, 1000 email addresses and Flash/Shockwave support.

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