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Yahoo Web Hosting and 5 Great Features That Are Included Free

Are you looking for a reliable Web hosting company that gives you more than other companies? There are a lot of web hosting companies to choose from but they offer wildly different pricing plans and services. Some hosting companies offer free basic service, but you need to sign up for a monthly plan in order to have access to any tools or stats. Some companies offer ala carte pricing but then you end up paying more per month than you need to just to get basic service and tools. Yahoo Web Hosting gives you reliable hosting services and a lot of great free tools and stats that are included in the cost of your monthly plan. For one low monthly fee you get Web hosting from one of the most reliable companies in the business and you also get:

Free Business Email – Create up to 1000 custom email addresses for you business. You get top of the line virus protection, customizable spam filters, and the reliability of Yahoo mail customized for your business. You can access your mail from anywhere there is an Internet connection or you can use programs like Outlook to get your mail on your main business computer. Best of all, your employees can work from home and still get their email because it’s not routed through your own office server.

State of the Art Design – You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a professional looking website, all you need to do is sign up for Yahoo Web Hosting. You can choose from more than thirty customizable design templates that have been created by Web design professionals. The colors, layout and other features are designed for you to make your website multi-functional, easy to navigate, and great looking.

Yahoo Small Business Web HostingA Personal Domain Name – Unlike some Web hosting companies, Yahoo Web hosting won’t charge you an additional fee to register your domain name. You can sign up for Yahoo Web Hosting and get a domain free. When it’s time to renew your domain you can renew your domain name through Yahoo for a reduced fee.

Great Customer Service – Yahoo Small Business knows that their customers are all over the world, and they offer 24 hour per day customer service so that no matter where you are you can get the service you need. You can reach customer service reps online using chat applications, on the phone, or through email whenever you need help or have a question. Yahoo takes customer service seriously.

Unlimited Space – When you use Yahoo Web hosting you’ll never have to worry about your Website running out of space. You can load your site with videos, Flash animation, graphics, and other items that take up lots of data storage space and never have to pay for more storage. Yahoo gives customers unlimited storage space for one low price. Lots of other companies make you pay more if you use more space but with Yahoo one low fee means you can grow your Website as much as you want without worrying about increasing costs.

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