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Yahoo Web Hosting Provides Small Business Essentials

Small businesses have a lot of requirements. They are typically trying to accomplish what a larger corporation does but without the extensive resources or manpower. That makes the business easier to run, but it also requires that different avenues be taken when it comes to matters like accounting or web hosting. Finding an affordable, reliable web hosting service is not always easy, but it is definitely one of the essentials of owning and operating a small business. Yahoo Web Hosting provides a wide range of services for a low cost, and every business owner should seriously consider the service for their business.

Yahoo Domain Name

Having a specific, targeted domain name is crucial for a business to achieve success. The domain name is basically the web address, for example Most websites that do well have a targeted keyword in their domain name that allows search engines and people to find them more easily. Yahoo Web Hosting includes a free yahoo domain in all their web hosting packages, even the most basic one. Typically a domain will cost approximately $10 per year, so this is a small savings that will add up over time.

Yahoo Web Hosting

Affordable Price

The price of Yahoo Web Hosting is really where the company stands out from the crowd. Yahoo Web Hosting starts at just under $8 for the first three months and comes with a wide range of perks and services that you normally wouldn't be able to find in such an affordable service. The suite of tools to build and market your website are endless with Yahoo Small Business. For the best savings with Yahoo Web Hosting, you should opt for a yearly plan instead of the monthly plan.

Unbeatable Customer Support

Finding a web hosting service for an affordable price is one thing, but finding one that offers full customer support when your website crashes at 4 o'clock in the morning is absolutely unbeatable. Yahoo Web Hosting features 24 hour customer support as one of its main selling points. There are representatives available any day of the night either through the toll free number or email support. One of that advantages of using a large name like Yahoo Small Business is that the resources are there that allow them to provide good quality for a lower price.

Other Benefits

Besides the low price of the hosting service, the free domain, and the 24 hour support, Yahoo Web Hosting service provides a full range of benefits and resources to its users. These include an in depth site building tool for beginners, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, meaning you can make your site as large as you want to without worrying about running out of capacity, and up to 1000 email addresses matched to your hand picked domain.

Cheap web hosting usually comes with cheap quality, but Yahoo Web Hosting really delivers on all accounts, making it the perfect choice for small businesses or individual businessmen.

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