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Yahoo Web Hosting Advantages

Yahoo Web Hosting is an excellent web hosting provider for any beginner who wants to set up a website. The service is affordable and there is a wide range of options to choose from. They provide savings up front and unlike other web hosting providers they have no set up fees, low monthly costs, and will provide a free domain name with any web hosting package.

This provides individuals with everything they need to get started with their new website without the need for a lot of technical knowledge. However, experienced users will also find Yahoo Web Hosting beneficial to their small business needs.

Yahoo Web Hosting

Yahoo Hosting Low Price

The extremely low price of Yahoo web hosting is one of their main drawing points. The starter package starts at just $7.46 a month for the first three months, giving you a 25% savings over the regular price of $9.95. This is one of the lowest priced web hosting programs available, with most of the dependable ones starting at just under $15.00 per month. The Yahoo web hosting package is ideal for not just beginners but anybody on a budget who needs good quality to come with the low price. There are cheaper plans out there, but you really get what you pay for.


First of all, there's the free domain name. Domains typically cost about $10 per year, so if you plan to keep your site around for a long time, the savings begin to add up. It's not a huge savings, but still definitely a nice perk. Yahoo web hosting provides unlimited email storage as well, so there is no need to delete old emails from your archives after a certain amount of time. That is available on every web hosting plan that they offer. One huge perk for beginners is the site building tool, which makes it easy to arrange and tweak your site however you want it.

Yahoo Web Hosting Customer Service

This is the jewel of Yahoo Web Hosting: 24 hour customer service, meaning that there is always a representative on hand to help out with technical problems. You can contact customer support either on a toll free line or through email support, and both methods are available at all times. For any web hosting service, especially when they are tailored for beginners, full customer support is absolutely crucial. The customers have more peace of mind as well just by knowing that there is always someone available to help them should their site go down.


Yahoo Web Hosting falls a little short when it comes to upgrades. Thats because their one-fits-all web hosting package is so intuitive and feature-packed that there is really not much that can be added on for a new upgrade level. You will already get all the perks mentioned above as well as unlimited disk space and bandwidth, something that can't be beat. The one useful upgrade would be the Yahoo merchant account, which allows you to begin selling more easily with better checkout options.

All in all, there are a lot of benefits to using Yahoo web hosting. It is affordable, easy to use, and perfectly suited for beginners.

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