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Yahoo Search Marketing and Forecasting Your Marketing Costs

One of the most frustrating problems many small business owners face is forecasting marketing costs. With traditional advertising, it is easy to see how much a particular ad will cost to reach a certain amount of people. But it’s impossible to know how many of those people will visit your store, or predict how many will buy. Yahoo Search Marketing changes all that.

You need to know how many visitors your web site will receive from your advertising, and how much each visitor will cost. Over time, you can accurately predict how many of those visitors will become buyers, so you can determine your exact marketing costs. With Yahoo Search Marketing, you pay only for actual visitors to your site, and you decide how much you will pay. You’re in total control of your marketing, and you always know what your costs will be.

It’s really impossible to run a business without knowing your costs. Because Yahoo Search Marketing works on the pay-per-click model, you pay only for visitors, not for people who see your ad but don’t visit your site.

When you set up a campaign with Yahoo Search Marketing, you determine what keywords you want to advertise on, and set a maximum bid for each keyword. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad and visits your site, and you pay only as much as you’ve agreed to pay. You set a Yahoo Search Marketing budget for the month, and you’ll never pay more than your self-determined budget.

With Yahoo Search Marketing, you not only determine which keywords to target, but which ads show for each set of keywords. Rather than running one static ad to everyone, you can create multiple ads targeted to various segments of your market, and present them with exactly the right ad to bring them to your site.

Testing is an important factor in effective advertising, and Yahoo Search Marketing allows you to test ads against each other and run the most effective ad, which of course you then test against another ad, and so on. With Yahoo Search Marketing, you can be always testing an ad and improving your marketing results.

Advertising used to be a risky proposition for marketers, because you could spend huge amounts of money and have nothing to show for it. With Yahoo Search Marketing, you control the costs, know the costs in advance, and pay only for results. This allows you to spend your resources fine-tuning your products, your web site, and the ads that work. You can then bring in more qualified visitors and convert more visitors into customers, quickly and easily.

Sign Up for a Yahoo Search Marketing Account - Save $25

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