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Yahoo E-Commerce Solutions for Small Businesses

For the current or aspiring small business owner, yahoo e-commerce can offer what seems to be a simple method of reaching consumers. Unfortunately, when faced with the sheer volume of necessary record keeping, many owners become completely overwhelmed. Despite the variety of products on the market claiming to offer solutions for the small business owner, many require hours of training or practice to become familiar with the software. Enter Yahoo E-Commerce, the solution that many small business owners have found to be invaluable.

Yahoo E-Commerce Features

Yahoo E-Commerce provides an overabundance of features at a surprisingly low price. This software is ideal whether just starting a small business or looking for solutions for an already established business. New business owners can appreciate the ability to start building a business from the ground up, with tools to design the appearance and options of the store. However, established small business owners have the useful option of uploading inventory information from an already existing database or spreadsheet.

Getting Started with Yahoo ECommerce

This e-commerce software offers an easy, step-by-step process to get started. The first step is to simply gather all relevant data: product details, contact information, and a general description of the business. Next, the store layout may be designed and information inputted or uploaded. Following these steps, the user is then ready to choose payment and shipping options, add any potential tax rates, and open for business.

Recommended Plan

Though three plans are available for purchase, one plan is specifically recommended for the small business owner. The Yahoo E-Commerce Starter Plan, which is available for $29.96 per month for the first three months, offers most of the features provided in the more expensive plans. Included in this plan are a number of inventory management tools, marketing options, and the ability to sell 50,000 products. With a transaction fee of 1.5%, the Starter Plan also comes with 24-hour customer service which is available by phone or e-mail.

Yahoo Small Business Marketing Tools

Marketing is key for any small business. Yahoo ECommerce software provides a number of features to assist every small business in reaching the target audience. Included in all plans are credits for Microsoft Advertising adCenter and Google AdWords. In addition, pages are automatically coded to ensure search engine optimization. Plus, the completed site is automatically submitted to Google, Yahoo! Search, and Bing to begin driving traffic to your new business.

Yahoo E-Commerce Testimonials

Reviews of Yahoo E-commerce software are definitively positive. Many owners of previously small businesses enthusiastically endorse the ability of this e-commerce software to quickly and easily begin a small business from scratch, without the necessity of advanced technical skills. In addition, easily accessible store traffic and sales information provides small businesses with the tools necessary to track consumer trends and plan accordingly.

Regardless of the type of small business, Yahoo ECommerce can help you grow and become successful. With around-the-clock customer support and a comprehensive online help center, questions are always moments away from being answered. Additionally, the low price for the ECommerce Starter Plan offers a multitude of features and is affordable, even for the smallest businesses.

Yahoo Web Hosting

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